Responsible and Carbon-Free Dentistry

At Paste, we want to do the best for patients while making sure that we are as harmless to the environment as possible. We recycle and reduce waste as much as possible.

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We have picked up methods to improve daily procedures in an eco-friendly way, without compromising on the quality, hygiene and outcomes of your dental care. 


Procedures that cannot become eco-friendly are carbon compensated so that the damage to the ecosystem can be healed through various certified projects and initiatives. At Paste, your visits are carbon reduced, with our office leaving a low ecological footprint!


Many of the materials used to build our office have been thoughtfully chosen with sustainability in mind. Put yourself at ease that choosing us is good for your health, but also good for the environment.


At Paste, we challenge ourselves to support and showcase local businesses owned and operated by under-represented communities. We support women, AAPI, BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ owned and operated local businesses in our own operation whenever possible. It is with intention that nearly every detail of our practice has been built and created by members coming from under-represented communities. We hope to support and highlight the local talent in our own diverse community. We are so proud to contribute our part in creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic community. In addition to our commitment to sustainability and protecting our community, Paste Dental and Dr. Derek Chung are proud supporters of LGBTQ2S+ rights. We are excited to announce an ongoing donation to The 519 community agency. The 519 shares Dr. Chung’s commitment in promoting inclusion, understanding and respect for all people. We are excited to support their work in the community and specifically for their service in newcomer and refugee settlement in LGBTQ2S+ lives.